1. Nondestructive Evaluation of Thermal Aging in Al6061 Alloy by measuring Acoustic Nonlinearity of Laser-generated Surface Acoustic Waves

    Date2020.01.06 CategoryInternational Views15688
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  2. Stress estimation using the acoustoelastic effect of surface waves in weak anisotropic materials

    Date2020.01.06 CategoryInternational Views15778
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  3. Comparison of Linear and Nonlinear Ultrasonic Parameters in Characterizing Grain Size and Mechanical Properties of 304L Stainless Steel

    Date2020.01.06 CategoryInternational Views15254
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  4. Imaging and Sizing of Surface Defects Using Synthetic Aperture Focusing of Laser-generated Surface Waves

    Date2020.01.06 CategoryDomestic Views15463
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  5. Internal defect detection using laser-generated longitudinal waves in ablation regime

    Date2018.11.29 CategoryInternational Views36081
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  6. Synthetic aperture imaging of contact acoustic nonlinearity to visualize the closing interfaces using tone-burst ultrasonic waves

    Date2018.11.28 CategoryInternational Views38934
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  7. Variation of Acoustoelastic Effect in Al6061-T6 according to Heat Treatment Time

    Date2018.11.28 CategoryDomestic Views37227
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  8. Dependence of Nonlinear Ultrasonic Characteristic on Second-Phase Precipitation in Heat-Treated Al 6061-T6 alloy

    Date2018.11.28 CategoryInternational Views37563
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  9. Relative Measurement of the Acoustic Nonlinearity Parameter using Laser Detection of an Ultrasonic Wave

    Date2018.06.14 CategoryInternational Views45765
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  10. A Method to Estimate the Absolute Ultrasonic Nonlinearity Parameter from Relative Measurements

    Date2018.06.14 CategoryInternational Views48691
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  11. Finite element analysis of a low-velocity impact test for glass fiber-reinforced polypropylene composites considering mixed-mode interlaminar fracture toughness

    Date2018.06.14 CategoryInternational Views46916
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  12. Assessment of Thermal Degradation by Cumulative Variation of Ultrasonic Nonlinear Parameter

    Date2017.01.16 CategoryInternational Views87598
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  13. Assessment of Thermal Aging of Aluminum Alloys by Acoustic Nonlinearity Measurement of Surface Acoustic Waves

    Date2017.01.16 CategoryInternational Views84385
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  14. Absolute Measurement and Relative Measurement of Ultrasonic Nonlinear Parameter

    Date2017.01.16 CategoryInternational Views83574
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  15. Experimental Comparison of Nonlinear Parameters Obtained from Absolute Measurement and Relative Measurement

    Date2017.01.16 CategoryInternational Views83707
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  16. Comparison of Ultrasonic Nonlinear Parameters Measured by PZT and LiNbO3 Transducers

    Date2017.01.16 CategoryInternational Views83980
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  17. Nanotribological and wetting performance of hierarchical patterns

    Date2016.02.23 CategoryInternational Views84558
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  18. Demonstration of Disturbance Propagation and Amplification in Car-Following Situation for Enhancement of Vehicle Platoon System

    Date2015.09.16 CategoryInternational Views86597
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  19. Relative Measurement of Acoustic Nonlinear Parameters and Comparison of Sensitivity to Thermal Aging

    Date2015.09.16 CategoryInternational Views86058
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  20. Non-contact Measurement of Elastic Modulus by using Laser Ultrasonic

    Date2015.09.16 CategoryInternational Views89017
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