Improvement of Crack Sizing Performance by using Nonlinear Ultrasonic Technique

by Admin on Sep 16, 2015


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Improvement of crack sizing performance by using nonlinear ultrasonic technique

  • Hogeon Seo
  • , Kyung-Young Jhang 
  • , Kyung-Cho Kim
  • , Dong-Pyo Hong


The nonlinear ultrasonic technique (NUT) based on the contact acoustic nonlinearity (CAN) has been considered as a promising method for the closed crack detection. However, most of the previous studies were limited to the modeling of the second-order harmonic wave generation at contacted interfaces and its verification by testing artificially contacted interfaces in the through-transmission method. In this study, we investigated experimentally the contact acoustic nonlinearity at a real crack by using the measurement system constructed in the pitch-catch method that permits the transducers to access the only single side of a test structure. Results showed that the magnitude of the second-order harmonic wave represented the existence of the closed area clearly and that the crack sizing performance was greatly improved by the combination of the linear and nonlinear ultrasonic techniques.


Crack sizing Contact interface Contact Acoustic Nonlinearity (CAN) Harmonic wave generationPitch-catch method


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