1. Influence of laser beam profiles on the frequency bandwidth of laser-generated surface acoustic waves

    Date2015.09.16 CategoryInternational Views121253
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  2. Laser ultrasonic inspection in ablation regime

    Date2015.09.16 CategoryInternational Views131923
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  3. Improvement of Crack Sizing Performance by using Nonlinear Ultrasonic Technique

    Date2015.09.16 CategoryInternational Views103684
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  4. In-Line Ultrasonic Monitoring for Sediments Stuck on Inner Wall of a Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe

    Date2014.09.29 CategoryInternational Views128863
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  5. In situ detection of laser-induced slip initiation on the silicon wafer surface

    Date2014.09.29 CategoryInternational Views103985
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  6. Initiation time of near-infrared laser-induced slip on the surface of silicon wafers

    Date2014.09.29 CategoryInternational Views109516
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  7. Slip damage of silicon wafers subjected to continuous infrared laser irradiation

    Date2014.09.29 CategoryInternational Views105132
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  8. Thermal damages on the surface of a silicon wafer induced by a near-infrared laser

    Date2014.09.29 CategoryInternational Views632034
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  9. Crack Detection in Single-Crystalline Silicon Wafer Using Laser Generated Lamb Wave

    Date2014.03.05 CategoryInternational Views138363
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  10. Evaluation of Ultrasonic Nonlinear Characteristics in Heat-Treated Aluminum Alloy (Al-Mg-Si-Cu)

    Date2014.03.05 CategoryInternational Views191332
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  11. Application of Macrofiber Composite for Smart Transducer of Lamb Wave Inspection

    Date2014.03.05 CategoryInternational Views105954
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  12. Imaging of contact acoustic nonlinearity using synthetic aperture technique

    Date2014.03.05 CategoryInternational Views119875
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  13. Influence of slit width on harmonic generation in ultrasonic surface waves excited by masking a laser beam with a line arrayed slit

    Date2014.03.05 CategoryInternational Views127435
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  14. Acoustic Nonlinearity of a Laser-Generated Surface Wave in a Plastically Deformed Aluminum Alloy

    Date2014.03.05 CategoryInternational Views120505
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  15. Analysis of Transmitted Ultrasound signals through Apples at Different Storage Times using the Continuous Wavelet Transformation

    Date2014.03.05 CategoryInternational Views106685
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  16. Harmonic generation of an obliquely incident ultrasonic wave in solid-solid contact interfaces

    Date2014.03.05 CategoryInternational Views95220
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  17. NDE of low-velocity impact damages in composite laminates using ESPI, digital shearography and ultrasound C-scan techniques

    Date2014.03.05 CategoryInternational Views96315
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  18. Surface characteristics of aluminum 6061-T6 subjected to Nd:YAG pulsed-laser irradiation

    Date2012.06.21 CategoryInternational Views185782
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  19. Fatigue-induced microdamage characterization of stainless steel 316L using innovative nonlinear acoustics

    Date2012.06.21 CategoryInternational Views147312
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  20. Harmonic generation of an obliquely incident ultrasonic wave in solid-solid contact interfaces

    Date2012.06.21 CategoryInternational Views113130
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